30 November 2009

We made this for T-Day 2009

We didn't follow this recipe as in use this web page; we got it off the side of the can. It was so good, we plan on making it again.

in reference to: Classic Green Bean Casserole (view on Google Sidewiki)

16 July 2009

Sunflowers for Renee

Ever since Kyle joined Facebook, this blog has been receiving the updates it should. However, with Renee working out of town and not having a FB account, she doesn't get to see all the cool pics I put up over there.

So, as requested, here are some pics of our massive sunflowers that grew up this Summer 2009.

07 June 2009

Too Much "Napoleon Dynamite"?

The Stich Bros finally re-enacted the scene from "Napoleon Dynamite" in which Napoleon pulls his brother Kip behind his bike to his first Rexkwando session.

StichBrosRideNapoleonDynamiteStyle – YouTube

06 June 2009

Gavyne's Haul of Strawberries - June 2009

Gavyne was sent to harvest all the ripe strawberries in one of our patches and picked so many they were falling from the heap in his hand.

Gavyne's haul of strawberries 5 June 2009

13 April 2009

Gavyne's First Jazz Band Only Concert

Gavyne performed in his first ever Jazz-only concert tonight and it was awesome! One of these days, we'll break down and buy a video camera that can take more than 9 minutes total of footage. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this little videos we put together instead.

Here were the first three songs of the performance, all three performed by the Ashland Middle School Jazz Band.

Harlem Nocturne performed by AMS Jazz Band

Misty performed by AMS Jazz Band

Take Five performed by AMS Jazz Band

Then the Ashland High School Jazz Band performed four songs, before joining the Ashland Middle School Jazz Band for these last two songs...

Malaguena performed by AMS & AHS Jazz Bands

Louie Louie performed by AMS & AHS Jazz Bands

05 March 2009

Baylin Levels Up

Congratulations to Baylin for successfully leveling up from purple to green belt.

Baylin Stich levels up to green belt in karate.
After one more degree of green, he moves on to the longest of all belt times - brown.

Baylin Levels Up
- YouTube

26 February 2009


I Win

"Life of Pi" review

I would say this book is a 3/5*'s and this is because the plot line is good but it's a little to descriptive at times and I would suggest it to others.

21 February 2009


Today I won 2nd in a regional chess tournament. 3 wins 2 lose. It got harder near the end but it was a lot of fun.

Gavyne Stich

13 February 2009

Gavyne Plays "Oye Como Va" with 200 Others

What: Second Annual Ashland Schools Combined Band Concert
Who: Ashland Middle School, Ashland High School, Southern Oregon University bands
When: 7:30 PM 12 February 2009
Where: SOU Music Hall

Gayvne joined a literal 200 other musicians to play this HUGE band version of Tito Puente's "Oye Como Va." Most of you probably know the Santana's version better.

At the concert, each band took there turns playing solo and with each other. The concert was fun, but the spectator Stichs had chosen to sit in the not ideal lower middle. When we first arrived, we had considered moving up to the upper level for the improved acoustics.

The acoustic weren't that bad in our seats, not as potent as they could be, but not bad. As the concert progressed and the different bands joined, then separated in all sorts of combinations, we wondered how all of the schools were going to fit up on the stage for the encore performance. Then we saw!

All the trombones, French horns, and trumpets lined the center aisle behind the lower seating area. Our choice of seating had paid off in a special way - the notes of wind, brass and percussion clashing and lacing themselves right over our heads. It was a one-of-a-kind experience.

Three notes of trivia:
  • The Ashland High School band teacher said that they were pretty sure "Oye Como Va" has never been performed by this big of a band before.
  • Two fellows in there early 60's joined the bands, especially spiffed up in their tuxes. Both stood next to Gavyne, and one told him that he was at the concert where Santana first performed "Oye Como Va."
  • Somewhat related, the trombone player in Santana's "Smooth" (feat. Rob Thomas) is an Ashland High School graduate.
You can listen to the full song here.